Lebron James’ Next Move Is To Own A NBA Team




TSR Staff: Tanya P.! @Tanyaxpayne
#Roommates, how do you feel about #LeBronJames owning a NBA Team? Because it looks like that’s the plan after he retires!
With the NBA Finals just days away, you would think LeBron would have his complete focus on the upcoming games against the Golden State Warriors. Instead, he’s setting his sites on what’s next for his legacy.
The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar confirmed in an interview with The Athletic, once he’s retired from basketball he plans to own a NBA team. LeBron says: “I will own a team one day. That’s my next thing.” He also added —read more at TheShadeRoom.com!

It’s a Wrap for T.I. and Tiny’s The Family Hustle and Their Marriage

Last night, viewers of the popular hit tv show, The Family Hustle witnessed the end of an era. We all watched the new generation Huxtables for several seasons to only see it end in drama of lies, cheating, and betrayal.

My instagram @yourlossba has been blowing up with comments of who fault it was between the end of TI and Tiny’s divorce.  In one of the clips, TI and Tiny are out to dinner and have a very personal conversation of who did what to each other. Tiny mentioned she moved out and bought a new house due to TI’s infidelities.  When a woman’s fed up, that type of move is bound to happen. But what got me is TI’s rebuttal of Tiny dancing with Floyd at a party.  Though we don’t know all the nitty gritty details of everything that went on, we have seen TI’s disregard and disrespect of his wife, marriage, and family time and time again on television, social media, and radio interviews.

I’m all for family’s working it out but it can only be done so if the both parties put in the work! Is this the end of their marriage? We shall see…